Adrenal Complex 300x Adrenal Complex 300x

Adrenal Complex 300x is a more concentrated formulation of our Adrenal Complex and supports replenishment of exhausted adrenals. When we have over exposure to daily stresses, it can leave us and our adrenal glands drained. This powerful product may support the body to handle stresses of everyday life more efficiently, with more energy and increased vitality.*

Adrenal Complex 5x Adrenal Complex 5x

Optimally functioning adrenals and well-balanced hormones are crucial for a healthy body and mind. If your patients are suffering from high levels of stress, their adrenals aren’t functioning optimally, and Physicians’ Standard AC Adrenal Complex might offer them the physical, mental, and emotional support they need. *

Balance 360 Balance 360

Dieting, caffeine, stress, overstimulation, and aging causes people to produce fewer and fewer of the body’s key hormones. This reduction often directly affects mood, sex drive/function, memory, weight, energy, bones, and muscles.*

Sleep & Adrenal Support Sleep & Adrenal Support

Patients who suffer from a constant stream of sleepless nights can be left in a perpetual state of drowsiness and feeling as if they’re missing out on life.