Change your diet, and you will change your thoughts. Change your thoughts, and you will change your life.


Some foods encourage sadness, depression, anxiety, and some food that fight depression, anxiety, and bad feelings.

These foods can work wonders for your system, helping you calm the sugar rush, balance your hormones, improve your energy levels, and of course, fight depression.

We don't want you to think that switching up your diet is an instant cure for depression. It helps, but you need to follow your doctor's recommendation to keep yourself safe and healthy.


What Do Foods Do To Stabilize Your Mood

The foods we have listed down below work in your body and specific ways. What you put into your body is what you get out, so if you put in good food, you're going to feel good. If you put in junk, things that your body has to fight that throws a wrench in the works, you're not going to feel good.


Certain Foods Attack Your System

Some foods just don't work well for your body. Most of these are highly processed, adulterated from their natural state, and sold to you for convenience, entertainment, or simply just because.

The two most significant categories of foods that attack your system are gluten and dairy.

Gluten is a protein that makes things stretchy and fluffy. But, in your system, these proteins can attack your intestine, plugging up the little cilia that help you absorb nutrients. They adjust the probiotics, letting the bad ones flourish and robbing the good ones of nutrients. And for about a third of the population, they can cause bloating, fatigue, inflammation, soreness, and, yes, depression.

Dairy is a little bit easier to recognize as it causes bloating and digestive upset a lot faster.

Cutting out processed foods eliminates most of these two problems. By removing the foods that attack your system, you can let your body start to relax and stop fighting so much.


Sugar Rush/Crash

When you eliminate processed foods, you take away many of the processed sugars that make you feel really good for a short time but cause an awful depressive crash later on. This just causes you to crave more sugar, putting you through the cycle of hyper and depression all over again.


Hormones & Insulin & Dopamine

But that's not all sugar does. Whenever you eat something sweet, whether it be real sugar or artificial sugar, your body produces insulin. This insulin stimulates dopamine, giving you a false sense of feeling good. But, when your insulin drops, so does the false dopamine and that false feeling of good. You have a crash, and it feels awful.

 If you do that often enough, your body dramatically reduces the amount of dopamine it produces, robbing you of being able to feel good at all. Fortunately, switching to a lower sugar diet will put you through growing pains for a short time, and your brain adjusts within a few days.


Probiotics & Immunity

Foods that encourage your body to be healthy and happy also support the probiotics in your gut and your immune system. More and more research is coming out that shows beneficial probiotics decrease your chances of depression and anxiety. Vegetables do wonders and the main culprits for hurting the probiotics in your gut and lowering your immunity… grains and dairy.


Energy Control

Yes, when you eat healthier, you have more energy. That donut, the sugar-rich coffee, or the chocolate bar might give you a tiny boost of energy, but you will crash later. Long-lasting energy comes from healthy foods that provide just a little bit of natural sugar, a healthy dose of fats, and quality protein.


What Are The Food the Fight Depression?

Let's just start by saying all fruits and vegetables help fight depression. They give you tremendous amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that help your body feel good, heal, and provide you with energy.


If you want foods that will help balance your moods right away, help your body heal, or support your energy levels, start trying to get in a couple of the ones below every day. When combined with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and that eliminates processed foods, you'll find it's very easy to get these types of fruits and vegetables in.


Mood/Hormone Stabilizing

 Avocado

 Flax seeds

 Broccoli

 Pomegranate

 Salmon

 Leafy Greens

 Nuts

 Turmeric

 Quinoa


Probiotic Supporting

 Yogurt

 Kefir

 Kombucha

 Sauerkraut

 Miso

 Kimchi


Energy Boosting

 Bananas

 Fatty fish

 Brown rice

 Sweet potatoes

 Coffee

 Eggs

 Apples

 Water

 Dark Chocolate

 Berries

 Oatmeal

 Hummus

 Fruits

 Seeds

 Leafy Greens

 Beets


Healing Your Body

Depression is hard, and the steps you take to give your body the nutrition and support it needs to be healthy can naturally allow you to get a better handle on what you're feeling. Foods impact every aspect of your body, from your hormones to your brain, to the probiotics in your gut to how your joints are feeling.


Stick with lots of fruits and vegetables as a basis, and make sure you speak with your doctor to ensure you're taking the best steps to be healthy.