Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 7: Summary and What’s Next?

Antibiotic use destroys the beneficial microflora that protects our digestive tract, enabling fungus to eat its way out of the gut and into the bloodstream, making you crave carbohydrates as the fungus munches on available starches.

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 6: Fungus and Smoking

Have you ever known someone who quit smoking and ended up with more medical problems than ever before?

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 5: Fungus and Vitamin D

Most people are unaware that a lack of vitamin D has substantially increased within our society - to epidemic levels.

Fungal Infections – A Health Crisis Part 4: Fungus and The Gallbladder

Sadly, gallbladder removal is the sixth most common operation in the United States and it is all due to a fungal infection doctors fail to see.

Fungal Infections – A Health Crisis Part 3: Antibiotics and Gut Health

Trace minerals are very crucial for the mechanisms of the body to function properly. Fungi love trace minerals, B-complex, and carbohydrates and gobble them up like candy.

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 2: Antibiotics and Gut Health

In a perfect gut environment, we are born with microflora, or good bacteria, in our digestive tract.

Fungal Infections-A Health Crisis Part 1: Symptoms

Like many Americans, I suffered from the debilitating symptoms of a severe fungal infection without even realizing it.

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 1: Symptoms

Like many Americans, I suffered from the debilitating symptoms of a severe fungal infection without even realizing it.

Using Your Gall To Lose Weight

Our bodies naturally possess everything we need to stay in top shape...

The Easiest Way to Keep Your Body Young

The battle to keep ourselves looking and feeling younger can be tough. Companies continually push out new beauty and skin products to help, and yet the easiest way to maintain your body’s natural youth is to take in more natural sulfur. One of the most common minerals in the human body, sulfur can be found in your skin, muscles, and bones.

Join Keith Morey, Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr Deitrich Klinghardt this week

Join Keith Morey President of Physicians' Standard, with Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. As they lecture on updated solutions at the Brain and Lyme Conference.

How a Healthy Sex Drive Can and Will Help Men

The scientific community has seen and recorded significant amounts of evidence that regular having sex is a great habit for men of all ages.

A Checkup with Dr. Feelgood - 5 Reasons Why Women Should Get to Orgasm More

Despite the concept of sex being a two-person activity, women very seldom experience gratification in sex. Only about 62% of women in heterosexual relationships actually get around to orgasming during sex, states the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Try Almond Milk – The Benefits are NUTS

By popular demand, Starbucks is now introducing almond milk to their menus! This will be the third non-dairy alternative to make the coffee line’s menu after soy milk and coconut milk. The decision must have been pretty simple from an economic standpoint, considering how non-dairy milks have taken the market by storm, according to a study done by Texas A&M University.

How Olympians are Improving Their Blood Flow!

Go with the Flow – How Olympians are Improving Blood Flow and How You Can Too

Bittersweet – Are Sweeteners of All Kinds are Affecting You?

We really only need glucose in moderation. The problem with sugar is that it is SO easy to eat sugary foods.

Detox Juice Routines are Not the Best Way to Lose Weight

Many people are constantly doing everything they can to keep their weight down.

Improving Your Memory With Sleep

Naturally we forget things, but can a good night sleep really improve our memory?

The Four Different Types of B-12

Did you know that not all B-12 is created equal? Find out which one you should be taking.

Cold Medicine May Make You Sicker

Did you know that over the counter (OTC) cold remedies do little to combat an illness and might even make you sicker?

Smoking Kills But So Does Quitting

Quitting cigarettes may be just as dangerous as keeping the habit. Read about why it's dangerous and how to mitigate the symptoms associated with quitting.

The Super Nutrients of Resveratrol

Why regions of France with diets high in alcohol and saturated fats have incredibly low rates of obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Glucose Levels During the Holidays

Blood sugar is one of those things that people rarely think about until it is a problem. Unhealthy blood sugar regulation can lead to a slew of problems such as diabetes, liver problems, and heart disease.

Science for Dinner

AquaBounty, a company that prides itself on innovating sustainable seafood practices, has engineered an Atlantic salmon that contains a hormone-producing gene from an eel-like creature called an ocean pout. Complete with the clever moniker AquAdvantage, this fish is the first animal GMO product that will be widely available to consumers.

High Percentage of US Consumers Take Dietary Supplements

A new survey funded by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a leading trade association for the dietary supplement industry, shows that supplements have remained widely popular among US consumers in 2014.

Study shows nutritional supplements can cut hospital readmission rates

Eleven years of groundbreaking research and data analysis on hospitalized Medicare patients is to be presented at the 35th annual meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making in Baltimore, Maryland. The analysis has found positive evidence showing how nutritional supplements effectively lower hospital readmission rates. This is big news for the American medical industry, primarily because Medicare patients are typically given prescription drugs instead of nutritional supplements.

Affordable Care Act prompting something good?

One provision of the Affordable Care Act imposes fines on hospitals whose patient readmission rates exceed national averages. Fines estimated around $227 million are projected to hit over 2,000 hospitals in the next year. The fine, currently at one percent, is set to double going into 2014, punishing those hospitals that can't get their Medicare readmission rates under control.

Nutritional supplements cutting down hospital readmission rates

The new 11-year study provides clear evidence on how nutritional supplements effectively cut hospital readmission rates. The research, conducted from the University of Southern California and Stanford University, shows how oral nutritional supplements help hospitalized Medicare patients, reducing 30-day hospital readmission rates, lowering patients' length of stay and bringing down taxpayer medical costs.

Breaking the norm

The norm has portrayed nutritional supplements as unnecessary and overpriced, but this 11-year study defies that myth. Nutritional supplements can and do save the medical industry thousands of dollars per patient, helping them recuperate faster and reduce their readmission probability. Cost savings are especially important in the Medicare system, because the whole thing is funded by the American taxpayers themselves.

How Common Is Low Libido In Women?

Turn on the television, head to the movie theater, or even pick up your favorite fiction book, and you’re likely to be confronted with passionate kisses, lusty stares, and new relationships cemented with ardent sex. Women can feel frustrated and embarrassed when the flames of lust just aren’t crackling or if their sex drive has taken a trip to the Arctic tundra.

Why You Should Absolutely Love Your Kidneys

Right now as you read this, your kidneys are working hard to vacuum up toxins and waste from your blood. In just a single day, your kidneys will filter up to 150 quarts of your blood, cleaning it in the pro-cess and sending the waste to your bladder where it will be expelled as urine.

Should You Add MSM to Your Supplement Regimen?

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur compound found in plants, and all vertebrates, including humans. Sulfur is believe to play a role in detoxification, resistance against oxidation, and reduction of exercise-induced inflammation. While MSM naturally occurs in humans, we may not be getting enough of it in our everyday diets. That is why MSM proponents often suggest MSM supplements.

The Important Difference Between Acute and Chronic Inflammation

The word “inflammation” is thrown around a lot, but many of us don’t really understand what inflammation is. That’s not surprising, because there are actually two different kinds of inflammation: acute and chronic.

Is Stress Ruining Your Life?

Don't let stress wear down your adrenals. Try to remove unnecessary stressors in your life and focus on finding time to relax. Take a look at our Stress & Sleep supplements for some great, holistic, stress-fighting options.