Addressing Male Stress

To address these issues, you may recommend a three-pronged approach that utilizes physical exercise, balanced diet and nutrition, and mindfulness.

Shining the Light on Vitamin D During Winter

As vitamin D is an essential element of bone metabolism, cell growth, differentiation, and the regulation of body minerals.This is why vitamin D deficiency becomes a concern for patients (and possibly you) during the winter months.

Boost Patient Immunity with These 4 Supplements

In addition to the standard winter-time supplementation regimen of vitamin C and echinacea, here are four immune-boosting supplements to consider recommending for your patients.

Post-Thanksgiving Planning for Patients

Post-Thanksgiving Planning for Patients

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 7: Summary and What’s Next?

Antibiotic use destroys the beneficial microflora that protects our digestive tract, enabling fungus to eat its way out of the gut and into the bloodstream, making you crave carbohydrates as the fungus munches on available starches.

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 6: Fungus and Smoking

Have you ever known someone who quit smoking and ended up with more medical problems than ever before?

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 5: Fungus and Vitamin D

Most people are unaware that a lack of vitamin D has substantially increased within our society - to epidemic levels.

Fungal Infections – A Health Crisis Part 4: Fungus and The Gallbladder

Sadly, gallbladder removal is the sixth most common operation in the United States and it is all due to a fungal infection doctors fail to see.

Fungal Infections – A Health Crisis Part 3: Antibiotics and Gut Health

Trace minerals are very crucial for the mechanisms of the body to function properly. Fungi love trace minerals, B-complex, and carbohydrates and gobble them up like candy.

Fungal Infections - A Health Crisis Part 2: Antibiotics and Gut Health

In a perfect gut environment, we are born with microflora, or good bacteria, in our digestive tract.