Colon Detox: Five Medical Reason Why It's More Than Just A Fad


There's a lot of crap up the… well, you know. That's why a colon detox can help you feel better and help things get moving again. Really, you'll be surprised what happens when you do a good colon detox. But more than just feeling good, there are actual health reasons you should go through regular colon detoxification. And, we want you to be clear on exactly what we mean. This is not a colonic or enema. The colon detox starts from the top and moves throughout, gently helping your body naturally eliminate built-up waste material. It's a more natural, gentle cleanse.


Five Medical Reasons Why A Colon Detox Helps Removes Toxins, Excess Mucus, and Debris from Colon

One of the first steps of a colon detox is removing as much as possible out of the colon to help reset things. This means that the built-up food waste, mucus, dead probiotics, and "debris" can get flushed out of the colon. Flushing these things out can increase your ability to absorb nutrients, fluid, and it can improve your immune system. The body can push out built-up material, including problems that lead to things like fecal impaction.

While rare among the young, it's estimated 70% of the elderly population has some degree of fecal impaction. The colon detox helps reduce that.


Increases Water Movement

A good detoxing of any form includes an increased amount of water and fluids going into your system. This is especially true of a colon detox, because water is one of the best things to flush things out of your colon.

With the increased fluid, your colon can do what it's supposed to, remove excess water from the waste and fecal material to reuse back into your system.


Reduces Constipation Short Term

As everything flushes out of your system, you don't have as many roadblocks that can cause constipation. Additionally, your system works better, and many people tend to eat better for a little while afterward. This can help your bowels move correctly.

Interestingly, most people discover they need to have a bowel movement multiple times a day. Most people are supposed to have a bowel movement three times a day, corresponding with the number of meals and snacks they eat. But, habit has taught people to go once a day or even less. A colon detox can help reset these feelings and let your body work properly.


Rebalances Gut Probiotics

A colon detox will include healthy probiotics for your body to absorb. It also cuts out foods that contain toxins that can interfere with the growth of healthy probiotics. As your body starts restoring proper, natural flow, the probiotics in your system will rebalance. The healthy ones will flourish and the less than healthy ones will diminish in number.


Reduces IBS and Other Gut Problems

IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn's, indigestion, and other gut problems tend to find themselves reduced for a short time after a good colon detox. One of the main culprits of these issues is inflammation. During a detox, inflammatory foods are removed. With the increase in water and healthy probiotics, your system starts behaving the way it should. The reduction in inflammation means you feel better and are in less pain.


Some Things To Consider

A colon detox is not without potential risk, either. But, if you take care and do things the proper way, especially if you're new to it, you can avoid many of the problems that might come up. Since we're not doing an invasive colon cleanse, much of this risk is reduced. But you should still pay attention to two things:


Electrolyte Imbalance

If you consume too much water without enough electrolytes, you can throw your system out of balance. Make sure you are getting adequate sodium, magnesium, and potassium during your colon detox.



Colon detox is dependent on having enough water. But, your body can flush out too much water, especially if it's really trying to eliminate toxins. Be sure to consume enough water that you do not become dehydrated.


Overall, a colon detox can help reset your gut and make you feel better. It's not something that will instantly change your life, but it's one of the steps in being healthier. Combining this with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, quality supplements, and plenty of fresh, clean water, you can help your body significantly move towards a healthy state.