The scientific community has seen and recorded significant amounts of evidence that regular having sex is a great habit for men of all ages. Not only is it generally just a positive, pleasurable activity, but also it is one which has many great benefits for the overall physical health of men.

Sex goes as far as increasing the amount of immunoglobulin A (IgA), which helps your body stave off the cold and flu viruses, says a study done by Wilkes University. IgA’s main function in our bodies is to combat invading antibodies particularly along the external surfaces of our bodies, like skin. Orgasms also trigger a release of the hormone, oxytocin. Similar to testosterone, oxytocin helps reduce stress and physical pain caused by migraines by relaxing muscles. Hence why sex is often regarded as a great way to unwind after a long week at work.

Sex has several benefits which are male-exclusive as well. For example, a Harvard study shows that more frequent orgasm can significantly lower chances of prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer diagnosed in men after skin cancer. The study found that roughly 33% less men in early adulthood suffered from prostate cancer when they orgasmed almost two times more than their counterparts. Engaging in regular sex can also stave off erectile dysfunction in advancing age, say doctors and researchers from the Tampere University Hospital in Finland. "Regular sexual activity,” says Finnish scientist Juha Kosimaki, “preserves potency in a similar fashion as physical exercise maintains functional capacity.”

Scientific reports about highly medical topics aside, here are some other ways that sex can help men live better:

Sex is a powerful and fun way for men to stay healthier and happier. For those who are interested in maintaining a regular sex life, Physician’s Standard has Libido Support for Men, a natural nutritional supplement which promotes healthy blood flow to the genital region and can increase sexual performance.

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