Is Stress Ruining Your Life?

Do you have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning? Is your pill case overflowing with pills to help you sleep, and get rid of your constant aches?

If you feel like your body is literally falling apart, you could be suffering from adrenal exhaustion brought on by chronic stress. Your adrenal glands looks like little, wrinkled walnuts sitting on top of each kidney. These small glands play a big role in releasing hormones that regulate fat creation, blood pressure, cardiovascular response, and the immune system.

A lifetime of chronic stress will burn out the adrenals like a set of brakes in your car. Unlike car brakes, once your adrenals are gone…they’re gone for good. When the adrenals start to go, they will no longer be able to fight against the destructive nature of stress. You’ll notice stubborn weight gain and your immune system lmay seem less healthy . The tentacles of stress will reach in and can harm every part of your life. You’ll feel exhausted. The aches could come like sudden storms, and your stomach will start screaming.

Don’t let stress wear down your adrenals. Try to remove unnecessary stressors in your life and focus on finding time to relax and unwind, perhaps through daily meditation, yoga, or even a hot bubble bath at night. Certain supplements can also help protect your adrenals and may help shield you from the effects of stress. Take a look at our ​Stress & Sleep supplemen​ts for some great, holistic, stress-fighting options.