March 17-19, 2017 in Warren, NJ 
Join Keith Morey President of Physicians' Standard, with Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. As they lecture on updated solutions at the Brain and Lyme Conference.

Lectures Topics Include....
Keith Morey: Learn How To Reset Compromised Core Systems Of The Body 

Dr. Klinghardt: Neurological Lyme Disease and Associated Illness, Autism, Alzheimer's

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Exercise for the Brain

Dr. Marc Schwartz: Autonomic Response Testing Assessment Technique

Dr. Simon Yu : Connection of Parasites, Dental Infection & Energy Medicine

Dr. Leo Shea III : NeuroPsychology & Lyme Disease

Dr. Kristine Gedroic : Mold-Mycotoxin activation of Lyme Disease

Dr. Gerald Smith:Cranial Jaw Structure, Thyroid and Brain Health

Dr. Doug Phillips:Laser Energetic Detox Workshop

Patients are welcome to register for the full event or just the workshops.
No additional fees for the evening workshops with full registration. 
Autonomic Response Workshop - $150.00 
 Night: Energetic Detox Workshop - $50.00
Saturday Night: Lyme Lecture & Demonstration with Dr. Klinghardt - $50.00

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