Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur compound found in plants, and all vertebrates, including humans. Sulfur is believe to play a role in detoxification, resistance against oxidation, and reduction of exercise-induced inflammation. While MSM naturally occurs in humans, we may not be getting enough of it in our everyday diets. That is why MSM proponents often suggest MSM supplements.

The current research on MSM in humans is limited, but certain studies have found the positive benefits of MSM in relation to:

Proponents of MSM also believe this compound can help a wide array of conditions, from hair loss, to wrinkles, stretch marks, sun burn, occasional constipation, occasional heart burn, keeping blood pressure in the normal range, and more. Many of these claims have yet to be thoroughly tested.

If you are interested in adding MSM to your supplement regimen, consult with your medical advisor. At Physician's Standard, we offer many immune-boosting supplements that include MSM. Contact us for more information.