The battle to keep ourselves looking and feeling younger can be tough. Companies continually push out new beauty and skin products to help, and yet the easiest way to maintain your body’s natural youth is to take in more natural sulfur. One of the most common minerals in the human body, sulfur can be found in your skin, muscles, and bones. It is critical to both mental and bodily maintenance: Greece, Japan, and Iceland, some of the primary Sulfur exporters thanks to nearby volcanic activity, have among the lowest rates of depression, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity in the world.

Sulfur is an incredibly diverse mineral, and proves its uses over and over. One of Sulfur’s main jobs is actually to encourage collagen production. Collagen is a protein which is vital to keeping our skin elastic and our joints healthy. It also helps with hair health, metabolism, heart health, and liver health. It does this because it is a regenerative balancer, creating new skin cells which are important to processes such as healing over scars and keeping your skin tight. As we get older, our bodies’ natural collagen production rate goes down, causing us achy joints and .that slight sag in our faces. A study by the Journal of Nutrition correlated low collagen levels with diets that are low in Sulfur, therefore by promoting increased collagen production, Sulfur helps keep you looking and feeling younger.

Among all these great things listed above, Sulfur also helps our bodies detox and break down unhealthy fats, produce insulin to keep blood sugar levels at a healthy median, and may even play a role in preventing chronic bone and metabolic diseases.

Natural sulfur can be imbibed into the diet. It is most frequently found in fish and organic beef or poultry, eggs, garlic, onions, brussel sprouts, asparagus, and kale. Unfortunately, it is hard to maintain a healthy sulfur intake, even with all these foods. Physician’s Standard recommends the following products: Alpha Sulflex Capsules, Alpha Sulflex Powder, Alpha Sulflex with TMG Capsules, and Alpha Sulflex with TMG Powder. These special sources of bioavailable dietary sulfur will boost the body’s sulfur levels, and we suggest that those seeking the best results try our products with TMG.

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