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Thyroid Protocol

The Thyroid is a mesmarizing aspect of the body. It is mainly known for its important role of regulating hormones, but understanding the importance of hormones and how they secrete or support the body is crutial to our overall health. This can be seen during instances such as the flu, pregnancy, or the slowing of our metabolism.

The Thyroid gland is made up of three major chemicals; T3, T4, and Calcitonin. They attempt to balance within the body and help support the body when it is necessary to regulate body temperture, activate aspects of the nervous system, and communicate with the body to use the food we consume as energy. 

Learn more about supporting your Thyroid and how body temperature is one of the key factors to a healthy wellbeing by reading ""Number One Cause to All Disease, Cancer, and Divorce"

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*It is recommended to follow with the 11-Day Detox Protocol for optimal results. 

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18 Day Thyroid Protocol - Physicians phone