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Liver Support Powder

Trace Mineral Supplement

Because of, poor dietary choices, modern farming, and food-manufacturing methods, trace mineral deficiencies are far too common.

Liver Support is a trace mineral supplement formulated to provide the body with the trace minerals that are not always available in a modern diet.

Physicians’ Standard Liver Support is specifically designed to support a balanced diet and promote:*

  • Liver health and the rebuilding of liver cells*
  • The health and regeneration of other organs, including pancreas, lungs, heart, and thyroid*
  • The breaking down and elimination of harmful chemicals and toxins*
  • Zeolites added to support a healthy immune function and detoxification*

How Liver & Addiction Support Promotes Good Health

Liver Support is a nontoxic and totally natural formula that helps mobilize impurities within the body, without the use of drugs or medications. Physicians’ Standard Liver Support is perfectly balanced to provide nutritional support the liver needs to function optimally.*

Physicians’ Standard Liver Support is a supplement manufactured with a special, mineral-rich clay. The result is a substance that helps regulate the metabolic processes and promotes the body’s healthy function.*

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Liver Support Powder - Physicians phone