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Spectrum Support

Omega-3 deficiency can contribute to fatigue, heart concerns, mood swings, dry skin, memory loss and joint discomfort. 

Our combination of fatty-acids targets brain health by supporting healthy blood circulation combined with anti-inflammatory properties to improve memory retention and focus.

Spectrum Support emcompasses a spectrum of fatty-acid omega oils to support your cardiovascular system and overall brain health. 

Studies have shown that polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) found in specific Omega oils are essential in aiding neuron and synapse formation that support your brains’ memory retention. PUFAs cannot be created within the human body and with recent changes in dietary habits this may contribute to deficiencies and increased genetic vulnerabilities.

Our formula combines specific vegan Omega Oils to provide a more complete supplement than the standard Omega 3,6,9 options currently available.

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Spectrum Support - Physicians phone