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Total Cell Support

Supports Cell Efficiency*

Physicians’ Standard Total Cell Support assists in bringing energy and oxygen to the muscles and cells, and actually supports vision and immune function.* In addition, it also helps individuals fight free radical damage on the cellular level.*

Total Cell Support contains a proprietary blend of botanicals and a mineral complex to benefit the body and immune system health, including: 

  • Chrysanthemum: One of the most popular herbs in China, and with good reason! Its long history of use in Chinese Traditional Medicine is owed to its reputation of promoting eye health, vision, and overall wellness.*
  • Birch Bark: This bark is rich in betulin, a compound that was shown to help support healthy lipid levels in mice, including cholesterol, fatty acids, and triglycerides, and promoted healthy insulin metabolism.*
  • Rhodiola Root: This root may increase energy and improve alertness and mood by helping cells utilize oxygen.*
  • L-Carnosine: It has been recently recognized for its longevity potential and is linked to preventing telomere shortening, a key factor in aging.*
  • Resveratrol: It is best known for supporting blood vessel health, and possibly many other benefits. Found in wine and numerous plants, resveratrol contains a crucial polyphenol compound that is considered to be one of the most valuable antioxidants known today.*                                                                                        

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Total Cell Support - Physicians phone