We added TMG (Trimethylglycine derived from sugar beets) to our pure pharmaceutical grade MSM to create what we think is one of the best nutritional combinations around! Necessary for collagen synthesis: skin, hair, nails keeps cells from becoming rigid, softens tissue (the beauty mineral), and Promotes proper Homocysteine levels and Liver function.

* Used Often for Children's Nutrional Supplement for ADD/ADHD
* Improved Short & Long Term Memory
* Increased Mental Acuity
* Beneficial for Dementias & Brain Injuries (Alzheimers,Stoke, CP, etc.)(4,5,6,7)
* Improved Eyesight & Hearing
* Increased Concentration & Focus
* Increased Mental Stamina/Reduced Fatigue
* Improved Speech
* Improves Sleep Patterns; Relieves Insomnia
* Improves Learning Ability as much as 40%
* Improved Brain Glucose Uptake & Utilization
* Improved Brain & Tissue Oxygenation


* Increased To The Brain, Penetrates Blood/Brain Barrier (1,17)
* Increased Brain & Upper Organ & Tissue Oxygenation (1,16,17)
* AChE inhibitor (cholinesterase inhibitor) providing increased acetylcholine (2,8,10,11)
* Neuroprotective Action w/ Extremely Low Toxicity (3,5,9)
* Promotes New Dendrite Growth (15)
* Excellent penetration into the CNS (8)
* Remarkable 1/2 life (6 hrs per 150 mcg. dose approx.) (14)
* Low Side Effects/Toxicity (lacks binding receptors for the CNS other AChE inhibitors do)(13)
* Specific Selective Action for the Brain v.s. AChE found elsewhere in the body (2,8,10,11)
* Peripheral Vasodialator(12)


Excellent tolerability. Extremely low toxicity. Vinpocetine occassionally can cause transient hypotension (low blood pressure) and tachycardia (irregular heartbeat) in susceptible individuals.


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