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Tendon and Ligament Support

Tendon and Ligament Cream

Whether your patients overdid it at the gym or they simply want to enhance their overall mobility and comfort, Physicians’ Standard Tendon and Ligament Support is specifically formulated to provide fast-acting support for tendons and ligaments.

Tendon and Ligament Support utilizes a blend of aromatic botanicals to promote flexibility, mobility, and comfort—typically within 12 to 20 minutes of applying:

 Some of the suggested areas for application are:

  • Knees
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Ankles
  • Wrists and Elbows

Why Tendon and Ligament Support Works So Quickly

Physicians' Standard Tendon and Ligament Cream is uniquely formulated to absorb quickly to penetrate through the skin to the ligament and tendons that are under stress, which supports the body to heal quickly.

We’ve included the following active ingredients in order to streamline recovery and get the body back to where it needs to be:

  • Argan Oil: Rich in carotenes, essential fatty acids, phenols, and Vitamin E, this legendary oil has been clinically proven to boost skin elasticity by hydrating and nourishing the skin.*
  • Grapeseed Oil: Favored by massage therapists, grapeseed oil is a light, easily absorbed oil that’s high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.*
  • Chamomile Leaf Extract: Encourages cellular health.*
  • Daisy Leaf Extract: In the traditional Indian medical practice of Ayurveda, Daisy Leaf Extract is considered a rasayana for longevity and rejuvenation. It is also used as a liver tonic.*

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Tendon and Ligament Support - Physicians phone