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The Influence of Blood Type on Health

Two recent genetic studies have indicated that a patient’s blood type is key for how likely he is to develop COVID-19. A study from the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology in Germany indicated that those with Type A blood were at higher risk to contract COVID-19 with respiratory failure, as well as a protective factor with Type O blood compared with other types. 1 In the second study from 23andMe, genetic data were analyzed from over 800,000 of the company’s customers, wherein it was shown that Type O blood provided a protective effect against acquiring SARS CoV-2 versus all other blood types.(CITE 23 and me study) Patients with Type O were also less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19. 2 With both studies in mind, the connection between blood type and health may be beneficial to explore for other health issues.

Living with EMF Sensitivity in a 5G World

With wireless carriers making the move to the more powerful and faster 5G, so too should we be concerned about its effects on our health. Specifically, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are given off by cellular devices that include cellular phones, mobile phone masts, cordless phones, and WI-FI routers, may be a source of adverse health effects such as depression, anxiety, impaired memory, aches and pains in the muscles/joints, palpitations, and fatigue. Sensitivity to these EMFs is known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS), and even though telecommunications giants claim that faster 5G is safe, there are some who say “not so fast” and for good reason.

Advanced Guide: Addressing Nasal Allergies And Congestion With Irrigation

As a form of nasal irrigation, the neti pot is nothing new, and it is certainly not the only way to clear the sinuses. In fact, nasal irrigation has been used in many civilizations for centuries and can be traced back to the Hindu practice of Indian Ayurveda and considered a personal hygiene ritual to be performed daily.

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